Quality Landscaping Services

A successful commercial landscaping project is dependent upon timely completion of the job and long-lasting beautification. Our family of experts has the knowledge and skill to meet your deadline. We are trained professionals in lawn and garden care. More importantly, we are skilled in customer care. Scapes understands that reliability, honesty and professionalism are paramount in selecting a landscape service.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintainence

Mowing – April thru October is weekly. October thru November is bi-weekly. We mow in the Spring and Fall at 2.5" to 3" inches. In the heat of the summer, we mow at 3.25" to 3.5" inches for water retention. Our blades are sharpened 3 times per week to ensure clean and healthy cuts. Our mowers are all newer Exmark brand mowers, with mulchers and baggers attachments available at customer’s request.

Fertilization – We apply 3 applications of the highest quality of 72% sulfur coated urea, slow release fertilizer. Organic fertilizers available also. 2 applications of broadleaf weed control is used in Spring and Fall used to keep your lawn weed free.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Snow Plowing: November thru April

Snow plowing service for commercial and residential. Sidewalk service available for condos, apartments and malls. Seasonal contracts or “per plow” contracts are available.

  • Several newer trucks and loader equipment.
  • Plowing will begin at 2 inches.
  • Contracts for lower snow totals are available.
  • Salting is also available by seasonal contract or on a "per trip" basis.
  • Landscape Design

    Landscape Design

    Landscaping: Design and installation of gardens, patios. We have designs available for patios and retaining walls. We install trees, shrubs and annuals and perennials.

    Renovation of an existing landscape, includes removals of shrubs and other unwanted materials. Your design or ours. Commercial and residential available.

    Annuals & Perennials – Design and installation for new homes and offices available. Renovation and maintenance of existing gardens. Annuals beds tilled and cleaned in the spring, followed by the flowers of your choice.

    Other Services

    Other Services

    Clean Ups – Done in the Spring and Fall. In the Spring, one time on turf and in the beds for removal of leaves, sticks and trash. In the Fall, bi-weekly thru November; weather permitting, turf and beds each time to ensure a clean start in the spring.

    Mulch – Installed year round. We install a wide variety of textures and colors. Highest quality of hardwood mulches, including color enhanced red, gold, black and brown. Stone is also available for installation or delivery; various sizes, colors and shapes.

    Pruning New! – 2 times per year or as needed on certain plants for health and aesthetics. Tree pruning and removal also available. Our specialty is “rejuvenation pruning”!! We dormant prune older Burning Bushes(Euonymus) and Dogwood (Red Twig and Yellow Twig) down to a smaller original size, giving your home or office a new, fresh look for spring. A more environmentally friendly option.

    Core Aeration - Pulling out finger-sized soil plugs to allow water, air and nutrients to reach your root zone. Alleviating soil compaction and excess thatch in your lawn.